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AHLTA Theater Sustainment Intellitronics provides operational support and enhancement software services for the largest battlefield Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in the Department of Defense (AHLTA Theater).

AHLTA-Theater serves as the Theater configuration of AHLTA, the military's Electronic Health Record (EHR). AHLTA-Theater extends the EHR capability of the military's stateside treatment facilities to the deployed environment. It allows healthcare providers to document care and store medical data until communications are available to send the information to the Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS) and Clinical Data Repository (CDR). The long-term goal of AHLTA-Theater is to provide complete and accurate documentation of patient care at every step on a continuing basis.

With AHLTA-Theater, healthcare providers and other members of the clinical staff have the patient's health history available on demand and can enroll new patients and fully document their care. Should the warfighter be injured, become ill or expire, AHLTA-Theater is used to update the clinical record on a continuing basis, following the patient from first responder to every additional level.

Intellitronics provides program management, systems analysis, Oracle database design and development, application design and development, and helpdesk support services for this contract.
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